March 1/Lent 1: Return to the Way


DEWI DŴR (David of the Water – St David) in wild west Wales, Jesus across the Jordan and every woman, man, child of God is led and must be led by the Spirit, from time to time, into the wilderness. This is not to retreat from life or to escape the responsibilities of our calling to be church among the people. On the contrary, without this being led, this submission to the will of the Spirit, we can do nothing of any true consequence in our societies, church or anywhere else. In the wilderness we are all tested, all tempted. But the devil who tempts us is not some wicked fairy with horns, whom we might safely dismiss as not being real because science and reason tell us so. The devil who tempts us is our own programme or strategy for self-worth, importance, relevance, happiness etc. In the wilderness of intentional contemplation, we are faced with all these and more. That’s why many people avoid or give up contemplative practice. The agitation of our programmes is uncomfortable, even excruciating to our ego. Ironically, it is easier to bury ourselves in the illusion of action, illusive because the action cannot be effective if rooted in ego rather than Spirit. Be brave. Go where the Spirit leads. This is the meaning and the gift of Lent.

~ by Fr Tim Ardouin on March 7, 2020.

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