The spiritual journey is one of transformation. We are never alone on that journey. Christ travels with us every step of the way. Sometimes Christ goes out ahead to lead us on, sometimes walks in step with us, sometimes carries us. When Christ goes ahead, or when Christ pushes us on, it can feel like wwe are alone. It is necessary. We must face the dark parts of our personalities and to do that we cannot be “wrapped in cotton wool”! The spiritual path is necessarily a hard travelling journey through the harsh terrain of self deception. At these times, we may become the “spiritual warrior”. If we don’t, then, at least temporarily, we will surely give up and attempt to hide ourselves once again in distraction. However, having started, you will probably discover soon enough that stopping is not in reality possible. Might as well toughen up then and face the darkness and the dryness!

~ by Fr Tim Ardouin on December 17, 2019.

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