(This) Lent 2018 – a poem by Nigel

Here is a poem written today by my good friend and colleague, Fr Nigel Doyle, who is recovering after a long awaited knee operation. The sacramental stream making her beautiful way to Pwll Du is a place where Nigel will soon be able to walk to again. Yes, now he reckons he will be able to walk on water!

This Lent
Long awaited surgery
A twisted knee corrected
Post-operative convalescence
Time to reflect,
this Lent
No rushing to lead worship,
Listen to my own teaching sermons
on being quiet and reflective
on the way to the cross
Liturgical busyness!
Now, I have time to be
spiritually corrected
about the forty days and nights,
Holy Week and Easter.
Time to read, listen, pray
what His sacrifice signifies.

No longer running to Easter
A slower journey
this Lent
Not even walking to Easter,
Just hobbling,
Supported and tethered to two crutches
Enjoying enforced rest
and take in spring’s renewal
Watch, listen, enjoy the
earth’s smells of growth
Be thankful for this gift.
Being a patient, patient is not easy
Bumps and knocks take time to heal
I am no longer twenty-one
I no longer have Action Man knees!

Overwhelmed by
prayers offered
e-greetings by email and Facebook
messages and greetings passed on from
phone calls
all loving and concerned
for my recovery
Grateful for long
suffered pain now gone
replaced by a new less intensive
pain of recovery

Allow others to minister lovingly to
my physical and
spiritual needs
The shared gift of Home Communion.
This Lent
I will try to
take a back seat
without any anxiety
To be happy to listen
To accept the diminishments
that come to me
Take time
Accept circumstances
and know
Recovery will be slow
Enjoy this sacrament,
the present moment
Seeing your hand Lord in
the darkness, and brightness
this Lent

~ by Fr Tim Ardouin on March 5, 2018.

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