Is not this the fast that I choose: to loose the bonds of injustice, to undo the thongs of the yoke, to let the oppressed go free, and to break every yoke? ~ Isaiah 58. 6-7


       RELIGION and spirituality may walk hand in hand, like lovers, and sometimes they do. All too often though, religion is arrested and enchained by rulers and oppressive control systems. The various prophets recorded in Isaiah speak into this condition. Paul speaks into it. Jesus speaks into it. Every biblical reading, any Sunday or any time we open the Bible, speaks into it. Religion contains many gifts and it can set us free or it can be used to tie us up and disable our spirit. Then we might use religion ourselves to close down our hearts and drug ourselves with programmes of fake happiness, not because we want to but because unconsciously we are trained that way. Jesus says, “Wake up!” “You are the salt of the earth…You are the light of the world…”

We all know what is real, deep inside. When you go into the garden this week, you might be filled with thoughts of what you must do to prepare the garden for Spring and Summer and you might start clearing, digging, planting… but then suddenly you might notice the earth, the life around you, and sense, in a way words can’t say, that you are one with the earth and the breeze and the life…and you will fall into prayer. And after a while, or straight away, your prayer will have no words. And you might know that you are in the presence of God. You might even realise that that Presence is not separate from you, that actually nothing that really is, is separate from you. Ah now, the chains? Where are the chains? Just let the prayer and the noticing go on… Heddwch chi…

~ by Fr Tim Ardouin on February 3, 2017.


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