LOOK INTO the mist. This is natural to us here on the marsh, as it was to our ancestors the Llwyth Penddraig (Silure tribe). The mist is like hiraeth, the longing of the Celtic heart for its true home. Look into the mist and find the shapeshifting truth there, so easy to look at but so hard to define.

The Magi saw the Cosmic Christ in the stars. Fr Richard Rohr –“Christ is the name for the very shape and meaning of the universe.” Jesus reveals this wonderful message in human form, showing us the full meaning of our own lives – This is what the Magi found in the mother and the baby. This was, for them, Epiphany. Herod and his politico-religious conventions of fear-filled and meaningless kingdom, and the temple authorities, who ruled the minds of the people, could never see such truth. Never, ever understand. The kingdoms of today are oblivious to it too. Christ came to serve but he would never serve the kingdom of self-importance. Christ serves Love and he calls us to serve her too.

Look into the mist.

Hundreds of years before St Augustine brought Roman Empire Christianity to Britain, the Church was here in the Gower mist. The Druids and Desert Fathers sat down together and contemplated the mist. The Druids knew Christ through the mystic. Some say they knew Jesus – legend of the Holy Thorn at Crofty about the boy Jesus with Joseph of Arimithea coming to Gower – Anyway, the Druids became Christ’s priests and his poets.

Look into the mist. See the shapeshifting truth. Look deep as deep.

Instead of believing that Jesus came to personally fulfil me privately, how about trusting that I am here to fulfil Christ? I am a part of this movement of the ever-growing Cosmic Christ that is always being and coming into being in this one great act of giving birth. One being. One eternal being.

Look into the mist…

~ by Fr Tim Ardouin on January 6, 2017.

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