It is fear, anxiety, cares of the world

That put the shackles on the doors of your heart

But within the doors there is an upper room

A space into which the Breath of Life may come

And say to you, Shalom, Peace

Do not be afraid


All you need to do is create a place in your own breathing

In the sensations of your mind and your body

Notice the Risen One, and the wounds and the ever-reaching, everlasting arms

Being and been


All the time


Pay attention to the Universal One,

Feel God’s breath in you

Let God show you God’s wounds:

your fear, your anger, your shame, your grief

Let God be there. No locked doors will keep God out, if you are just prepared

to be

in the room



There is a message for you:


There is enough love

I have come

to set you free

If you forgive anything, it is forgiven

If you retain it, it is retained

You can let it go

Or you can hold it too tight

You decide

I love you anyway


But if you let it go

I will breathe life into you

And you will pass through those doors

in peace

and you will go outside


and heal


in my name.

~ by Fr Tim Ardouin on April 4, 2016.

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