Love God, lovin’ the didj

I AM quiet now, thoughts getting lost. I lick my lips, wait a moment in the still of still, mind clearing, conscious, unconscious. I take a breath, not too much, enough, my lungs open. Exhale. Breath flows gently, smoothly, through buzzing lips. Primal drone fills, fills and keeps filling the forest I am in. Just one note but so much colour, drenched in texture, singing, rhythmic, full-body, so much time, timeless time… Space opens, harmonic tones dance with my breath, circular breath. Keep going. This is home. The drone doesn’t need to stop, animal voices rise from my throat, tongue ticking out a beat and then another, and another…daa daa… doo doo…hah hah hah…hey hey hey…waah…waah…
If you want to keep the sound going when you’re playing the didj, you’ve got to circular breathe. People think that’s really hard to do and so they put their didjes, lovingly brought back from their adventures in faraway Oz, up on eBay. Good news for me. But circular breathing isn’t really hard at all. It’s natural. It just takes a bit of practice, desire, perseverance, release from the noose of self-consciousness. You simply need to keep some air in your cheeks and squeeze it out while you breathe in until you can breathe out into the didj again. The drone keeps going, the music dreams on…
So it is that we breathe the Gospel into Gower for new generations. We’ve just got to keep the music going. God breathes Spirit into us and we breathe out Word. God’s Life, our Life, all Life…circular breathing. We need to keep some breath to squeeze out while we breathe in. That’s prayer. The music goes on.
You are gathering for prayer in small pockets all around Gower. In your homes, outside, in quiet church buildings, prayer groups are forming. God-filled people are praying for Gower. Praying for the children, their parents, grandparents who long to be free, though many cannot anymore name their longing. God bless your prayers.
There is a battle ahead. It will be a hard battle and hard won. But this battle is the Lord’s battle. So be brave. Pray. Breathe. Sing.


~ by Fr Tim Ardouin on December 13, 2014.

One Response to “Love God, lovin’ the didj”

  1. Love this!! Can’t believe I’ve not read this before. Right now, I’m trying to put air in my cheeks and blow into an imaginary didj whilst getting more air??? I think I’ve mastered it and this imaginary didj is sounding alright like!!

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