Learning to Un-know


Bathed in the cadence of unknowing

Unknowing that the universe chimes untimed

Unchained, she dances, across starry-eyed expanses

Calling me home. Calling me home

©Tim Ardouin 2014


                                                                     Fr Thomas Keating says that if you want to imagine God, then you’d better try imagine God “really big…massive, in fact!” Pretty much everything the wise American monk says after that suggests that he is sure you can’t actually imagine God at all. God is unimaginable. We apprehend God, experience God, beyond the realm of our imagination. Communicating that experience is beyond the scope of any human faculties. We might speak of God but what we speak of is not equal to God. We might write songs and poems about God or paint the most wonderful paintings. We may theologise or philosophise, even do the most profound science or maths. None of it comes close. And yet God is closer to us than our own breath.

So, as the autumn air begins to freshen and nature changes her colours once again, but differently and beautifully moment by moment, why not just let yourself forget what you think you know about you and me and God and nature and about this whole universe of life and death and life? Why not just let leaves fall into your hair and breathe God’s sweet, sacred air.  

Peace be with you, friend.


~ by Fr Tim Ardouin on August 13, 2014.

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