After all we are just human beings, huh?

Yes we are but Jesus calls us to so much more. He calls us to freedom. To the freedom of faith, the freedom to love, the freedom of eternal life. This is what scares people about Jesus. He doesn’t accept pre-set limitations or excuses. He calls us out of our complacent, self-deprecating, self-righteous slumber. This is what scared the demons in the wild man’s soul and the people of Gerasene, in the story of ‘Legion’ (Mark 5). It scares so many people today. Jesus can, if he wants send our attitudes like a herd of pigs over the cliff. Whatcha gonna do then? Where’re ya gonna hide? Stripped! Jesus calls our souls to be free. But with freedom comes the responsibility of the free, to dare to choose a better way, dare to work at growing, dare to turn round and face Truth and not hide ourselves in lies. If we can blame our limitations, we don’t need to do anything, do we? “It’s not my fault. I just can’t. I was made this way.”

Don’t argue for your limitations.

If you do, you can be sure, they’ll make themselves yours.

Dare to be free.

~ by Fr Tim Ardouin on March 24, 2014.

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