What did you go out to see?


Jesus. You opened the eyes of the blind to your holy radiance, already before them, you healed the stress-crippled bodies of the world-crushed ones, unblocked the ears of those who could not hear God’s beautiful dream. Lord of Life, you raised the spiritually dead and breathed in them the Breath of Truth. Word become flesh, you wrote the Gospel of love deep as deep in hearts you opened to receive.

Son of Light, take the scales that cover my eyes,
the cataracts of fear, complacent confidence and fake wisdom that stop me seeing
your presence so near,

in all things,

each moment.

Breath of Life, help me stop and open,

like nature’s lung

and breathe your sweet spirit in.

Teach me to see through the fog of my mind,
to trust what I can’t yet realise,
to hear the whisper,
to perceive the movement of God,
to sense the advent of God’s new day.
Help me to see grace and mercy where it peeks out from under the blanket of what the ‘powerful’ ones dictate we see,

to behold your glory in the weak, the broken, the ordinary,
our hope through the morning mist.
Help me God to see, with child eyes, the drawing near
of the Enlightening One.

~ by Fr Tim Ardouin on December 16, 2013.

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