Like the Sea

Like the sea, sometimes God’s waves roll your body, overpowering till you gasp for breath. Don’t struggle. Growing up with the sea, you soon realise that struggling in the wave is futile. Go with the wave. She will carry you. Body surf. Trust the natural. Though you may be bashed by the rocks or grazed in the sand, you will surface and breathe again soon enough. Other times, like a pebble you will rest in calm water, maybe not even notice the sea’s presence, she’s so calm now. But know that the water still works on your body, gently smoothing your edges, refining, making you beautiful, fit for heaven… Sometimes being true is calm. Love the calm. But love too the wild waves. Learn their secrets, their blessings. God’s waves. Tonnau Duw.

~ by Fr Tim Ardouin on August 18, 2013.

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